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Januari 11st, 2023

Welcome to 2023! With the pandemic under reasonable control now, there will surely be many plans and events on your schedule. We at Lokal Indonesia wishes you a great year ahead!

To start off this year, we’d like to share our interview with Ibu Yayat, whose hardwork and perseverance have proven to be the key for a better life.

In 2016, Bp Basuki Tjahja Purnama (alias Ahok, the Governor of DKI Jakarta then) relocated the illegal settlers of Kalijodo, the largest red-light district in west Jakarta to low-cost apartments.  Giving them proper living quarters with proper sanitation. Bp Ahok was also supportive by offering various training to acquire skills.  Here is an interview with Ibu Yayat, one of the many that were relocated.

My family and I were relocated from Kalijodo to Marunda, a low-income estate in north of Jakarta.

At Kalijodo, I was running a small warung, a small business selling daily needs to provide an income for my household. Kalijodo was known for being a notorious neighbourhood where I witnessed violence, prostitution, as well as facing thugs who would take from my warung and refuse to pay.

Upon moving to Marunda, life was more peaceful, but I also lost the source of income becoming a fulltime stay home mother and wife.  I desperately felt the need to be more productive and wanted to ease the financial burden on my husband by bringing in an extra income. This is when I first met with Madame Caroline, when I joined a class offered by Dekranas (Dewan Kerajinan Nasional) and Paisley Things.

Madame Caroline, offered for us to learn Shibori, a Japanese technique of textile dying together with intensive sewing classes.
The shibori was fun, as we learned to dye textiles and the results are rather immediate, as you can see patterns appear when unfolding textiles after process.

The sewing classes were less fun, Madame Caroline tore old hotel bed sheets 20cm wide by 2.40 meters and had us sew straight lines as close as possible in the length and as many as possible on one piece. Many times, we questioned why only learn to sew straight lines, how would we know how to sew if we only do straight lines?? 

The program was intense, we trained every day from 9 to 5.  By the end of the three months training program, those who lacked the perseverance had quit, feeling that shibori and straight lines was a waste.
After three months, we started production, and there we were puzzled when we found out that Madame Caroline ordered us to produce with used hotel linens. We had to make table napkins, placemats, aprons, bags and more out of trash??!?!

But the money was good so produced, and orders were constant, so we happily produced.

Soon we received orders for large quantities from the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta, from Germany, form France, the Dutch ambassador’s wife come to see us in our work place in Marunda, the GM of fancy hotels came as well to see how we recycled their used hotel room linens. It gives us much pride that our production is appreciated and taken by many back to their respective country as gifts.

We no longer complain about sewing straight lines, in fact we love straight lines.

I wish I can influence more women to join us so they can also earn extra income for themselves & to support the family, and one day I can go to Mecca on a Hajj.

September 1st, 2022

Guguli Kitchen: How It Started and Where It’s Going
by Chef Ahmad Jamaati

My name is Ahmad Jamaati. I am from Iran. Jakarta is now home to me and my little family since June 2021. After marrying my wife Aisyah, an Indonesian born, deeply rooted in her native country, very attached to her family and her career as an attorney in Jakarta, we decided to build our lives here.
While navigating my way on a new business venture in Jakarta, I figured if I were to restart from zero, I should be doing something I completely enjoy. I came to think that cooking has always brought me joy. Back in Iran, I was the go-to chef in any big family celebration. Cooking for me was a way to relieve stress in the intense pressure of working as an architect and venturing as a footwear entrepreneur. Persian and Mediterranean cuisines are the tastes of home, rich in herbs and spices such as saffron, pistachio, cardamon seeds, rose water, pul biber, sumac, walnut, jujube. I love mixing ingredients and create new dishes that someone can indulge in. For me, every dish should tell a different story.        
A friend of Aisyah, once, asked if I could cook an Iranian version of a lamb tagine – a lamb stew originated from Morocco but also a popular dish in Iranian culture. We jumped on both feet to make this dish and realised that we really enjoyed cooking for people. It did not take long for us to create  “Guguli Kitchen” and our new endeavour was born. Today, almost at a one-year mark, growing little by little with more than 25 different dishes offered on our menu, we have no regrets.

My wish for Guguli Kitchen, is to introduce Persian and Mediterranean culinary culture to Jakarta. This is because I believe that food can communicate a message and showcase a culture in a way where literal language fails. So, through every bite of my cooking, I wish to tell the stories—the victories, failures, hopes and dreams of my people. With each bite, I wish that my customers could feel as though they were enjoying the view of Cappadocia or perusing a stack of beautiful silk rugs in Isfahan.       
I have noticed in Indonesia the popularity of MSG in traditional food and non-traditional.  It is of the utmost  importance that  Guguli Kitchen promote healthy food, and proving that using herbs, spices and fresh ingredients makes tasty food. Guguli Kitchen is committed to use natural ingredients and to always serve only the freshest food cooked upon order. My customers, I treat as my family, and I only serve the best for my family. With this integrity, I hope to gain my customers’ trust and loyalty.     
During the pandemic, we were only able to promote Guguli Kitchen via social media, friends and family.  Recently we received an invitation to join “Lokal Indonesia” Spring Market. With much hesitation, we decided to give it a go after taking the initiative to call on some of the previous vendors. At the market that took place on the 6th floor of a building in Menteng and where Mrs Martha Tilaar opened the event, we got an overwhelming response, our food was appreciated. People from all over came, from different citizenship, and for many came back for more of our food.

August 2nd, 2022

For the past 2 years, we have heard stories on how disruptive the livelihoods and businesses have been. Here, we would like to share with you the story of Valerie Crochet Baby – a small local business on how with resilience and creativity, they managed to survive this challenging period.

Valerie Crochet

The idea to jump into the world of crocheting first came to mind when I was pregnant with my second child, who was predicted to be a girl. At that time, as a soon to be mom of two, I want to be as prepared as possible in welcoming the new baby, so I started to browse for unique clothing and shoes design. Then I came across a very interesting baby shoes made of crocheted yarn! I started to design and craft 12 pairs of shoes for my second baby. When they were done, friends and family insisted to purchase them instead. I made another 24 pairs, and they were swiftly purchased by friends. That’s how Valerie Crochet was born, “Valerie” is named after my first daughter.

6 years have passed, there were happy times and difficult times.  Situation was difficult during the Covid 19 pandemic, we worked hard & the team continue to create new products so that both the crocheter & the operation team can keep their job. One of the successful products we released during this difficult time was the collection with a purpose to increase parents and child interaction during stay at home period.   We created  Baby Books, Finger Dolls, Baby Gym Toys, and many more. Finger Dolls, for example, allow parents to tell story in a fun way to their children. We aim to reduce excessive screen time through creative communication between parent and child. To further support this initiative, we actively engaged customers through Instagram Stories and Live session, where we explain and give demonstration on how to use the toys in an interactive way with their children.

One memorable occasion during the pandemic was when a customer ordered a set of crochet doll for her niece who just lost both of her parents due to Covid-19. She especially wrote a card saying that the dolls were a gift from her parents in heaven. We were sincerely touched by the kind gesture and didn’t charge a cent for that order. Realizing that our handmade toys can bring smile to the children who struggled through the pandemic, we donated more crochet toys for those in need. For those who did purchase our products, we sent them a care pack of hand sanitizer and wipes along with their order, to show that we care. At Valerie Crochet we believe that a brand is not just about selling product, but how we make an impact for our customers and our society.
During previous Lokal Indonesia market, Valerie introduced new collection with the theme of Jadoel Home. Currently we are in the process of developing and designing a carnival theme set. Everything is handmade, from the crochet dolls to the packaging! It will be a colorful and fun themed toy. Here’s a snapshot on how our products were made

Valerie Crochet is often invited to many expos and events; from there our business grows as we met resellers, strengthen our branding, and meet new customers. What sets Lokal Indonesia apart from other events we’ve been to is the spirit of collaboration and supportive community circle amongst vendors. These qualities are what makes me comfortable and proud to be a part of this creative community.
My dearest wish for Valerie Crochet is to keep expanding, both nationally and internationally; so that we can increase the number of team members and improve their wellbeing through creativity. Stay tuned to our IG @valerie_crochet_baby for the release of our new collection.

July 9th, 2022


Since our last Christmas event, we finally had the opportunity to hold our first market in 2022. With the theme of Spring Market, Lokal Indonesia held the event on 3-5th June at Ruang Belajar Alex Tilaar.

We were thrilled to be joined by 37 vendors coming from not only Jakarta, but also all the way from Bandung, Yogya, Manado and Bali.

The 3 days market commenced with a ribbon cutting ceremony and speech by the esteemed founder of Martha Tilaar Group, Ibu Martha Tilaar. Visitors varies from Jakartans, diplomats, expats, to their lovely pets.

We are also grateful for the media coverage we received from Metro TV (Click Here)

At Lokal Indonesia we love our furry friends and support animal shelters as much as we can.  This time, together with PT Happy Pet Indonesia, we managed to raise 150kg of pet food for animal shelters.  A big thank you to PT Happy Pet Indonesia and to those who purchased pet food during the event to support our efforts in providing relief to animal shelters

Every Market took a lot of work and preparations, painting and decorating,  here is a behind the scene snapshots of the team who made it happened.

Special thanks to Ibu Martha Tilaar, Ibu Wulan Tilaar and team, Paisley Things crew & volunteers, all vendors and visitors in making the 3 days Spring Market so memorable, fun, and successful.

Stay tuned for our next update.

April 15th, 2022

As we will be marking the celebration of Idul Fitri, we have curated the best of our local artisanal delights that will certainly bring a smile to your loved ones.  You can personalize the item selections to best suit your needs.
Click on the image to see more details of the collection.
Please feel free to contact Ibu Asih to order or if you have any questions. 
Mobile           : +62-81280061893 (Asih)

February 7th, 2022

Have you ever wonder how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them. Through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.
Our highlight this month is “Begun”, a company that specializes in educational toys for children.  Please click the image below to read the full article in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.

December 14th, 2021

 It’s December already?

 It’s hard to define 2021. It’s been a challenging time yet at the same we witnessed the unwavering spirit of resilience. We experienced a devastating second wave of the pandemic and emerged out of it stronger.

 With the lessons we learned in 2021 we are ready to make space for new experiences and memories.

 At Lokal Indonesia, we are back to doing what we are best at – creating platforms to nurture local talents and businesses. Before we close the year, we facilitated a successful collaboration between Paisley Things and Pantry Magic – a curated Christmas artisans market for those who love to cook and bake delicious treats for the holidays. We’ll back next year with more events to celebrate the artisanal spirit.

 We wish you a very happy and healthy new year. May 2022 be full of love and laughter for everyone.

November 19th, 2021

Lokal Revival

With our beloved city opening up, we finally had the opportunity to hold our much awaited Lokal Indonesia Christmas market. Here are some of the highlights from Lokal Indonesia Christmas Market held on 5 – 7th Nov 2021.

We were thrilled to be joined by 56 vendors from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogya, Surabaya, Manado, Bali. Everybody was equally enthusiastic after a 2 year wait and were happy to be reunited with old friends and make new ones. 

Our 3 day market commenced with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a speech by

Mrs Catherine Jenkins, spouse of the British Ambassador to Indonesia. 

In the spirit of spreading joy and love, several participants committed to contributing their earnings to charity. 

The BWA (British Women’s Association) was  present with a charity bake sale that raised Rp23,000,000 to support their charities.  The bake sale was sponsored by

a. Beau Bakery @beaubakeryco

b. Stroopwafel Huis @stroopwafelhuis

c. 2nd Bite Bakery @second.bite.bakery

d. Sugar World Academy @sugarworldacademy

e. 2 cups sugar @2cupssugar

f. Podomoro University @podomorouniversity

g. Moodco Chocolate @moodco.official

e. BWA ladies

Another notable mention is Ambrosia Pup Cake (delicious treats for our furry friends) by the young and talented Dhiya; her super popular pupcakes, peanut butter & super cookies) were a hit. The profits from her sales was a total of Rp2,350,000 – all of which was donated to the animal shelter Rumah Singgah TPP. 

In addition to that, we’d like to extend our gratitude to 

a. Dewi & Tiffany of @sugaracademy

b. Gwen of @aniz.k.handmade

c. Sonu of @Sonuresinart

d. Caroline of @paisleythingsjakarta

for their donation of Rp. 46,500,000/- to Animal Welfare that goes to @rumah_shambala, @rumah_singgah_tpp, @tobyandnacho.

As can be seen, we at Lokal Indonesia love our furry friends and our event was also open to visitors with pets. 

We are also grateful for the media coverage we received from Berita Satu

Lokal Indonesia Christmas Market 2021 was a lot of work and preparations painting and decorating selecting each vendor to match our crowds and in the end everyone was pleased and asking when is the next market

The Team of Lokal Indonesia, missing only Jolyn who helped hand paint all the

murals. (by the way all artworks by Asep, Jolyn and Caroline)


Stay tuned for our next event.

October 16th, 2021

In part 3 of this series, we are so glad to share the heartwarming story of Kouji Genki Project. 

Founded by Kouji Santoso Eto, a barista living with autism, this cafe is driven by the mission to provide work opportunities for people living with special needs. 

Despite a background advertising, Kouji was always interested in the world of coffee and decided to pursue this path. 

Supported by his mother, Yumiko Hirano (a nutritionist who helps prepare the food orders), Kouji Genki Project  has thrived. In addition to a wide variety of coffee and chocolate options, they also offer Japanese treats such as Daifuku, Nama chocolate, Ohagi to name a few. 

A visit to Kouji Genki Project promises to be time well spent in the company of lovely people and delicious food. 

This endeavour also highlights the need to create a system where every one can be given a chance to thrive. 

To know more about this unique cafe, check out their Instagram account

October 12th, 2021

The pandemic has not only forced the closure of several businesses but it has also given an impetus for new businesses.
Our next story for Enterprise with a Soul highlights the inception of Waroeng Echo –  a new business launched by former chefs who decided to change a negative to a positive.
Click on the image below to know more.

October 6th, 2021

In this coming month, we will be taking a look into businesses and projects that are centred around a cause. During times when the success of a business is measured by its profit, it’s inspiring to see enterprises that go beyond economics.
We have zeroed in on 3 wonderful projects that are fueled by compassion.
The first highlight is The Ambrosian by the bright and creative teen, Dhiya. Click on the image to know more about her pet project and the brilliant idea of pupcakes. 
Stay tuned for upcoming stories on how other businesses have the heart in the right place.

September 4th, 2021

With rapid urbanization, the plastic wave seems like an overwhelming challenge that never seems to end. Due to the difficulty in disposing plastic, we are aware of the damage it causes to the environment yet its function in our day to day life cannot be denied.

This presents a problem that requires a creative solution. We found this in the work of DJAMU, a social enterprise that strives to manage plastic waste by transforming it into new materials and products and at the same time providing work opportunities.

We did an interview with Liz from DJAMU and we are delighted to share her story.

Click on the image below to know more about the inspiration, philosophy and work behind DJAMU.

August 4th, 2021

On the 17th of this month, Indonesia celebrates its 76th Independence Day. With the battle against Covid-19 still raging, celebrations are likely to be somber but that doesn’t in any way eclipse its significance for us. Every Independence Day serves as a reminder of struggle and the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. 

This year, the Independence Day is also a reminder of the reservoir of strength within us to overcome the greatest adversity. 

On this special occasion we would like to share with everyone the story of Bapak Muchlis of Batavia Books. Bapak Muchlis is an avid collector of old calendars and we had a chat with him to gain some insight on his passion that is steeped in history. The text we are sharing is a translation of our conversation. To know more of this unique passion, click here to see some of the images of the old calendars.

July 3rd, 2021

Many of us will immediately associate vanilla with the joys of childhood – the enticing ice-cream, the sweet candies, the warmth of milk and not to forget, the simple pleasure of the humble vanilla cake.

What many of us might not know is the long, arduous journey that the vanilla bean makes before it reaches us.

It’s an interesting journey that is dependent on the mercy of the climate and the skilled instinct of the farmer.

Our highlight for this month is Narasi Vanilla – a company that not only strives to provide you with the highest quality beans but is also meticulous about the process and considerate of the farmers that bring the vanilla to you. This ensures the best kind of happiness – a shared happiness.

Please click on the image to read the full article

June 1st, 2021

With the world slowly opening up do you find yourself restless to travel? If yes, you are not alone. However, with most long-distance still restricted, you can still create memories with your loved ones by enjoying a relaxing farm-stay holiday or staycation at the BSP farm. 

Nestled at the foothills of Mt. Salak and surrounded by lush greenery, BSP farm offers a unique opportunity to stay in the midst of nature. It also believes in facilitating a mindful and healthy lifestyle – with its focus on organic farming you will get the chance to enjoy the sumptuous fresh flavours and the benefits of organic meals. The combination of travel, nature and healthy living is sure to make the farm stay at BSP farm an enriching one.

To know how you can experience this and to know more about BSP farm, click on the image below

April 22nd, 2021

As the holy month of Ramadhan comes to a close, we will be marking the celebration of Eid-al-fitr. 
Although this year will still be different from the festivities we celebrated before the pandemic, the constant elements will be intimate family gatherings, a hearty feast and of course, gifts. 

In today’s time where social distance is still a reality, gifts can mean more than just things. They are an expression of love. For relatives and friends that are far apart, they serve as a reminder of your love for them.  For the ones you can gather with, they are an extension of your celebration. And of course, gifting yourself is nourishing for the soul. 

To help you select the perfect gifts for your loved ones, we have curated the best of our local artisanal delights that will certainly bring a smile to your loved ones.  You can customize the item selections to best suit your needs.

Click on the image to see more details of the collection and click here to download the order form.

Please feel free to contact us to order or if you have any questions. 

Mobile          : +62 812 8006 1893 (Asih)
Email            :

April 5th, 2021

We are sure we are not the only ones feeling that the days are moving faster in 2021. We are already approaching April and it feels like there is a shift in the air.
The Ramadan fasting month will commence mid of April leading up to the sacred celebration of Eid. The city is also slowly and cautiously opening up. We too decided to continue our work to support small artisanal businesses and hold a small market in an outdoor area. Click on the image below to view the highlights from Lokal Indonesia Weekend Market.

As part of our local brand highlight for this issue, we are sharing the range of traditional Indonesian herbal tonics, more popularly known as Jamu. de’Heritage offers a lineup of all the herbal goodness that you will come in handy as we slowly make the shift to ‘normal’ – it will help keep your immune system fit and if you are fasting for Ramadan then it will boost health and improve your overall well being.

March 5th, 2021

Discovering purpose
Every so often in the middle of our busy lives, there comes a time when we are confronted with pertinent questions about our lives, our purpose – our raison d’etre.
The enormity of the question is daunting but if we allow ourselves time and space to contemplate an answer, many will find that service is an integral part of it. That service can mean many things at several levels. Of course, we must look after ourselves but it is also deeply satisfying and rewarding to share our joys with others.
In this issue of the newsletter, we will be looking at the commendable work of people who have chosen this life of service.  Also, with International Woman’s Day being in March, we are highlighting the work of women who have pursued this call of service. One of the stories we will share is that of the tireless work done by the Pondok Taruna orphanage. We will also share the inspiring story of 2 young teens who have started in an initiative to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene and helping the less privileged receive support for this. 
Click on the respective story to know more about their work.

Pondok Taruna

From me to you

February 2nd, 2021

The Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year is one of the most important celebrations in the Asian community across the world. Also known as the Spring Festival, it is a celebration that is rooted in history, culture & symbolism.  Although the specific dates may vary slightly across various Asian countries/communities, the essence of welcoming a new beginning is at the core of the tradition. 

There are many interesting elements in the Chinese New Year celebration, the reunion dinner with the family is an integral part of the tradition. This dinner is more than just a tasty meal with loved ones; the culinary delights are infused with meaning. They represent luck and prosperity and eating them is a way of making space for good fortune to come in the new year.  

No mention of good fortune is complete without the traditional red packet/envelope containing gifts of money. It is more popularly known as
‘ang pao’. The amount itself is secondary; it is more of a symbol of prosperity and blessings for the receiver. 

Each family’s celebration is unique yet the underlying theme is that of togetherness and unity. 

In this issue of the newsletter, we have connected with several local artisans who gave us a glimpse of their traditions, culinary heritage and customs that have continued over generations. This rich history also finds expression in the products and dishes they create.

Click on the images to know more of this joyous occasion.

January 14th, 2021
The transition to 2021 has been understandably muted given that the world collectively spent the past year under the clouds of uncertainty, confusion and isolation. However, the new year brings with it new hope for a better and gentler year for everybody.

For our first issue of the year, we will be looking at self-care through the lens of skincare. Divya, founder of Dimanja Bumi, sheds light on how skin care can be a means to intentionally create a space in our lives for self-care. To know more about this perspective, Click here

Don’t miss out on the DIY cleansing grains recipe that anyone can make using simple kitchen ingredients.

December 21st, 2020

November 3rd, 2020

In this issue, we will look at the creative leadership of Gabriela of Tanakita Ceramics and how she was able to successfully build a creative community by sharing her love for ceramics. Creative communities are vibrant spaces that serve an important role in societies, because very often it is through creativity that people find the means of expressing their voice.

Through her purposeful vision of making space for creative potential, Gabriela not only established a successful creative enterprise but also built a thriving art and craft community. 

Click here to know more about her inspiration behind Tanakita Ceramics.

October 7th, 2020

When your vision is driven by love then the world becomes one family. Mata Cinta embodies this with their inclusive projects that promote ‘Conscious Living’.

In this edition of the newsletter, we’ll shed light on the commendable work being done by Mata Cinta, an advocacy group that seeks to not only uplift communities but to also create a positive environmental impact.

What makes Mata Cinta special is it’s extensive work with children; through their work, they are able to instil in children the love for nature.

Click here to know more about how Mata Cinta sees the world with Love. 

September 10th, 2020

Nurture your niche
One magic ingredient

With so many wonderful products on offer in the market these days, it can be overwhelming for entrepreneurs who are looking to offer an edge or something different in their products and services.

One way entrepreneurs can tackle this is by going back to the basics – the starting point. In other words, the one magic ingredient.

If you are wondering how working on one ingredient can open up the path to your entrepreneurial journey, then join us as we follow the journeys of three local brands who have nurtured their niche and made it a pillar of their success.

The sweet side of entrepreneurship 

Discover how Ava & Co. fuels their passion for delivering top quality, nutritious honey for the Indonesian market.  Click here to read the full story of Ava & Co.

Transforming treasures 

Find inspiration in Moloka’s story of transforming goat’s milk into a range of natural soaps and discover how to make one ingredient the focal point of your enterprise. 
Click here to read the full story of Moloka.

Connoisseur to Entrepreneur 

If you have ever wondered about creating a business out of your love of an idea or thing, then read the story of Rebrew and discover how the journey from connoisseur to entrepreneur, though challenging, is a rewarding one.  Click here to read the full story of Rebrew.

August 8th, 2020

If courage is a necessary prerequisite when embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship then passion is the fuel that drives it. Although an entrepreneur’s journey is fulfilling it is rife with challenges. No entrepreneur is a stranger to uncertainties, setbacks, stagnation and doubt. To survive these rough patches, there is one key ingredient common to all entrepreneurs – passion.  It is what grounds them during turbulent times and it’s what fuels their ambitions.

There is no better place to see the triumphs of passion than the Lokal Indonesia platform which was also created out of a strong conviction to boost the local creative economy.

In this issue of the newsletter, we will look at the common themes that runs through some of the brands that exemplifies the pursuit of passion.

Passion doesn’t happen overnight.
The interest in a particular craft or field could be born out of a need, an interest or a liking, but it is only when you delve deeper into the subject does passion come to life.
Click here to explore the story of Braow Goods to know more how cultivating passion is a key element of an entrepreneur’s journey.

P is for Passion. P is for Persevere.

For passion to come to fruition perseverance is a must. Find out how Project Mummy successfully navigates the challenges of being an entrepreneur and find inspiration in her fighting spirit. Click here

An open mind keeps passion alive.

Even with substantial experience in the wood industry, Tagawood demonstrates the importance of the ongoing learning process by collaborating and being open to inputs from various quarters.
Click here to know more insights on how constant learning can be the key to keep passion going.

We hope you enjoy this round of stories.  We will be sharing different aspects of passion & entrepreneurship in our next newsletter.

July 8th, 2020