About Lokal Indonesia

Why Lokal Indonesia?

Life has so much to offer through ingenious creativity. We started with Paisley Things Open House event. We selected and invited some artisans to show their beautiful unique creations. And we invited guests to come and discover all these talents. It gathered so much enthusiasm and drew so much attention both from artisans and guests that we needed to organize a bigger event.

Suave o sólido, frío o caliente: todo en el dormitorio es útil. cialis super active artículo puede crear un efecto sorpresa y hacer nuevas sensaciones en un ritual familiar. Cómo usarlo: decida la situación.

We started pulling our resources together in 2016 and found supporting friends to organize this event for the first time. Our guiding principles is simple; it must be affordable for artisans to participate, it must be characteristically and aesthetically intriguing, and it must be originally uplifting. Don’t forget it need also to be sustainable. Because doing this event only once will not be satisfying! After all, it is about the abundance of talent in LOKAL INDONESIA.

Lokal Indonesia Market is an event showcasing various talented and creative artisans. This market is a curated event which designed and decorated by Paisley Things. While you browse our vendor’s stalls we will accompany you with a warm ambience and music to help you enjoy spending time with us. And in case you are a food enthusiast, we will have some Lokal food and beverages for you too. This web site is to help you to get to know our community and understand how we do what we love doing.

designing ideas on paper….
implementing design ideas….
site preparation almost done….