Why we love doing Lokal Indonesia Market?

Because the beautiful Indonesian hand crafted products need a venue to be showcased. Lokal Indonesia market is a venue for people to discover, buy unique hand-made crafts and actually meet artisans from different parts of Indonesia and get to know them. It is also a place for these artisans to meet other artisans and build their network. At the same time people can enjoy the warm social setting, soothing ambience, music and food. It is a venue providing not only unique hand made products but also memorable experiences.

Paisley Things ROOF TOP Market

the first Paisley Things – COWORKINC market


The 2nd Paisley Things ROOF TOP Market

The Spring theme market organized by paisley things at CoWorkInc space

The 3rd Paisley Things Market at Wimo Building Kemang

a fall market themed in September 2017 attracted thousand of customers with over seventy vendors


The 4th Paisley Things Market at La Maison

We continue to attract more handycrafts enthusiasts and more diverse vendors

The 5th Paisley Things Market at Citiwalk Sudirman

This fall 2018 market was a success with more then ninety variety vendors


The 6th Paisley Things Spring Market at Citiwalk Sudirman

this event continue to attracts thousand of visitors and almost one hundred vendors

The 7th Paisley Things Plant Market

the first Paisley Things plant market, attracted our loyal customers and we gathered some local plant vendors

The 8th Paisley Things Market at Batik 81

This Paisley Things market goes to Batik 81 venue. So much fun, so much food, and a nice crowd. 

The 9th Paisley Things Christmas Market at Batik 81

This Christmas theme market was one of our best decorated event. Attracted thousands of local and expatriate visitors with over eighty seven valuable vendors


The 10th Paisley Things Lokal Indonesia Market at Ashley Hotel Menteng

This event which have generated much excitement, unfortunately have to be postponed due the current Covid 19 situation. We will update you accordingly.


The 11st Paisley Things Lokal Indonesia Market at Tugure Menteng


The 12nd Paisley Things Lokal Indonesia Market at Ruang Belajar Alex Tilaar


The 13rd Paisley Things Lokal Indonesia Market at Capitol Park Residence


The 14th Paisley Things Lokal Indonesia Market at The Dharmawangsa Hotel



Our Mission

To facilitate affordable and intriguing international event to showcase undiscovered talented local artisans from all corners of Indonesia.
To promote preserving valuable local heritage skills and artisans in Indonesia
To be pro-active in building a community of artisans which are environmentally conscious, internationally recognized, and fairly compensated.

Our Vision

Lokal Indonesia to become not just a tourist “art market”, but for the event to become an iconic venue the city has to offer to look and buy beautiful authentic hand-made products as well as meet artisans from all over Indonesia. It is also our vision that this event will allow artisans to be connected with people with the same interests to support each other.